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Belt Conveyors

Compact belt conveyor without any interfering contours – fits in the smallest gaps

Belt conveyor GUF-P 2000 CA, compact belt conveyor without any interfering contours For most conveying applications, a compact conveyor frame on the belt conveyor is crucial. Obstructing contours, such as the drive, may protrude and be a little larger, and will mostly be outside the relevant area of the machine. If the entire conveyor is […]

Ammeraal Beltech introduces Duraclean – a revolutionary synthetic non-stick belt

Ammeraal Beltech is a world leader in providing complex conveying solutions. The history of the company began with the development of a groundbreaking belt for the Bakery Industry. Today, the company’s products are available in over 150 countries around the globe and new launches are scheduled throughout the year. This time, it conquers the market […]

Improved Reliability & Shipping Accuracy

With ever changing customer behaviours, new digital communication challenges and the rapid increase in eCommerce business means the UK’s leading consumer delivery specialist and long-term customer to L.A.C, is continually looking to improve its efficiency and innovation. The distribution hub based up in the Northwest required an upgrade to current operations. With any upgrade or […]

Technical information bulletin the effects of ozone on rubber conveyor belts

The effects of exposure to ozone Ozone occurs naturally in the upper atmosphere. At high altitude, it acts as a protective shield by absorbing harmful ultraviolet rays. However, at low altitude, the ozone itself becomes a pollutant. Exposure to ozone increases the acidity of carbon black surfaces and causes reactions to take place within the […]

A guide to the types of belt edge

Used in rubber conveyor belts Because of advances in technology and the types of materials used to manufacture rubber multi-ply conveyor belting there is often confusion concerning belt edge types. This information bulletin is designed to provide up-to-date guidance and clarification. There are basically three types of edges available: moulded edge, (cut and) sealed edge […]

Plastic modular belts reach new heights

Two new modular belt solutions from Habasit bring new possibilities for industrial packaging applications, especially in applications where space is at a premium. The HabasitLINK M2592 raised deck radius belt saves up to 5 times the space needed for a traditional radius conveyor. The HabasitLINK M0870 HighGrip Micropitch delivers 50 per cent lower minimum transfer […]

2 for the price of 1 – Measuring and switching

The innovative ODT 3C sensor from Leuze can handle both measuring and switching tasks. The new 2-in-1 solution is thus suitable for a wide range of automated industrial applications. Is there an object on the conveyor belt? If yes: What is its position or distance to the machine? These are typical issues that need to […]

Continental Radar-Based Monitoring System Makes Conveyor Belt Systems More Efficient and Reliable

Continental is taking another step towards predictive maintenance and condition monitoring in conveyor belt technology by launching the new Conti Load Sense monitoring system. The special feature: The system is based on 2D radar technology and measures the material flow on the conveyor belt. It can be used in almost all industries where conveyor belt […]

More Efficient and Sustainable: Continental Plans to Invest in Steel Cord Conveyor Belt Production in Brazil

Continental plans to significantly expand its capacities in Brazil with an investment of 25 million euro (more than 160 million Brazilian Real). “At the moment, we are negotiating a tax incentive package with some states in Brazil to confirm the final location in February”, says Hannes Friederichsen, heading the global conveying solutions activities at Continental. […]

A revolution in Food Grade belts: New Dectyl Metal Detectable belt range

In the Food Industry, nothing is more important than Food Safety. Contamination can lead to product recalls and loss of public confidence in your brand. Ammeraal Beltech has been a leader in belting solutions for the Food Industry, promoting Food Safety. Now, we’ve added the brand new Dectyl range of Metal Detectable Synthetic Belts and […]

Forbo Belts for high-end foreign body detection in food

In order to guarantee the stringent quality demands in food production and processing, the sensitive products must contain no foreign bodies. In addition to meeting hygiene standards, detecting contaminants in food is another important factor. Foreign bodies can enter the production chain in all sorts of ways. In isolated cases, for example due to delamination, […]

Large orders received in the US

The sorter solutions will be installed by several system integrators at both new and existing end user facilities throughout the United States. A sustained growth in consumer demand via e-commerce created the need to expand existing distribution infrastructure rapidly for both end users in question. Interroll’s proven design of its mechanical crossbelt sorter platform enables […]