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Celebrating the 5th year of I-MAK in India

I-MAK is happy and proud to complete its 5th year on the Indian market. Present via a key partnership with MGM and VARVEL managed by Mr. Ravi  Krishnamurthy, the company quickly grew to become one of the key player of the indian market, with more than 1.500.000 million products configuration the company propose one of […]

Researchers to Develop Solid Lubricant Coatings for Conveyor Systems

A research and development team led by Min Zou, professor of mechanical engineering and an Arkansas Research Alliance Fellow, has received a $550,000 grant from the National Science Foundation to develop low-friction, durable, graphite-lubricant coatings for industrial conveyor systems. Belt conveyors comprise about a quarter of the $7.65 billion global conveyor market, which has expanded […]

Interfloor Conveyor system for Ingram Micro

Client: Ingram Micro Commerce & Lifecycle Services, Northampton DC The Global Leader in Logistics, Commerce Enablement & Device Lifecycle Services. Ingram Micro Commerce & Lifecycle Services provides supply chain solutions that connect supply and demand. From cross-border fulfilment to dropship and returns management, IT asset disposition, remarketing, distribution etc, their solutions drive growth, enhance ROI, […]

Dematic automates warehouse of kitchen manufacturer Schmidt Groupe

Dematic has automated the picking warehouse of French kitchen manufacturer Schmidt Groupe S.A.S. at its site in Lièpvre in Alsace. The automation technology provider developed a space-saving solution, featuring a multishuttle system for multiple-deep storage in nearly 6,000 locations as well as special tote conveyor technology. Within the multishuttle system, 12 shuttles control order sequencing. […]

Orion’s Compact RTC Rotary Tower Automatic Wrapper Integrates with Existing Conveyance

Orion Packaging Systems, a division of ProMach, responded to industry demands by creating a space-saving rotary automatic wrapper that easily integrates with new or existing conveyance. Orion’s Rotary Tower Automatic (RTC) Stretch Wrapper with Conveyance is the ideal solution for easy integration with 18″ pass-height conveyors due to its compact size, affordability, and the option […]

NEW StakPak Plus™ Adds Internal Volume to Popular Totes

ORBIS Launches StakPak Plus Totes™ for Unique-Sized Parts ORBIS® Corporation, an international leader in reusable packaging, adds the improved StakPak Plus™ container to its suite of offerings for industrial and automotive applications. The StakPak Plus takes traditional StakPak containers and adds various collar sizes to increase a container’s height to accommodate unique-shaped parts commonly found […]

Orion S-Carriage Wrapping Technology Saves Money While Increasing Customer Efficiency

The patented “S” design on the newly redesigned S-Carriage InstaThread Pre-stretch Film Carriage from Orion Packaging Systems, a division of ProMach, can save up to 15% on film per load – a substantial savings to help offset the rising cost of film seen over the past year. The S-Carriage really improves upon what many consider […]

How Robots are Upgrading the Supply Chain Industry

Warehouse robots and AI-powered systems are helping distribution centers meet demands in a fast-paced world. When you place an order online today – whether it’s for a new pair of sneakers to be delivered to your doorstep, or inventory for your brick-and-mortar store – you expect faster-than-ever delivery. For teams at distribution centers, fulfilling those […]

Plastic modular belts reach new heights

Two new modular belt solutions from Habasit bring new possibilities for industrial packaging applications, especially in applications where space is at a premium. The HabasitLINK M2592 raised deck radius belt saves up to 5 times the space needed for a traditional radius conveyor. The HabasitLINK M0870 HighGrip Micropitch delivers 50 per cent lower minimum transfer […]

Conveyor and Automation Upgrade for 25% Efficiency Boost in Receiving and Sortation

Industry: Home Entertainment DC in Spartanburg, South Carolina Challenge: Redesign receiving and sorting system to reduce manual hand scans and improve sortation accuracy. Solution: Custom-Built Sorting System to improve efficiency by 25% Equipment: Hytrol E24EZ Conveyor, Modsort Divert and Transfer Conveyor, SICK 6-Axis Barcode Scanner + Sizing Station Challenge: Speed It Up and Sort It […]

NSK Silver-Lube® bearings withstand wash-down fluids on bottling line conveyor

In operations where contact with process fluid is unavoidable, poorly specified bearings that fail prematurely can prove costly in maintenance labour and production downtime. For this reason, increasing numbers of food and beverage plants are turning to the beneficial attributes of NSK’s Silver-Lube® bearing units. Silver-Lube® provides optimal protection against the ingress of wash-down water […]

Conveyor Systems: Total Cost of Ownership

The amount on your purchase invoice isn’t the last time you’ll pay for that conveyor, but those ongoing costs of operations can be dramatically reduced by making good decisions at the point of purchase. If a conveyor is correctly specified and designed for future use, costs over time can be slashed. The three costs a […]

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