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Technical information bulletin the effects of ozone on rubber conveyor belts

The effects of exposure to ozone Ozone occurs naturally in the upper atmosphere. At high altitude, it acts as a protective shield by absorbing harmful ultraviolet rays. However, at low altitude, the ozone itself becomes a pollutant. Exposure to ozone increases the acidity of carbon black surfaces and causes reactions to take place within the […]

Mondi partners with Heiber + Schröder to launch the new high-performance machine eComPack for automated packaging of its EnvelopeMailer for eCommerce

Heiber + Schröder’s mechanical engineering combined with Mondi’s packaging and paper expertise enables eCommerce companies to automate the erecting, filling and closing packaging process using the EnvelopeMailer solution he state-of-the-art eComPack doubles output per hour, responding to demand for the automation of paper-based packaging solutions in eCommerce operations The state-of-the-art eComPack doubles output per hour, […]

What kind of automation do you need for your packaging line?

One of the primary factors in determining your approach to packaging line automation is to take a look at your existing warehouse environment. Packaging environments differ based on many variables such as the type of business, warehouse layout, and the number and sizes of products to be shipped. As examples, a manufacturing facility may produce […]

Berkshire Grey Research Finds a Leading Cause of the Labor Shortage in Warehouses

Berkshire Grey Research Finds 64% of Chief Supply Chain Officers Say Generation Gap is a Leading Cause of the Labor Shortage in Warehouses. Nearly three-quarters of executives see robotics automation in warehouses as a solution for the growing gap in younger job applicants Over half (51%) of executives confirmed they were in the process of […]

A guide to the types of belt edge

Guide to fire retardant conveyor belts for general use above ground If a belt does not perform according to the manufacturer’s claims by wearing prematurely or ripping too easily for example, the risk to life is relatively small. But if a conveyor belt that is specified as being fire retardant catches fire but does not […]

Increasing Sustainability When Changing Belts

Climate protection and sustainability are increasingly important success factors in the replacement parts business and for workshops. Continental has got on board with this trend and is presenting solutions that respond to the challenges at hand. The business area Power Transmission Group will unveil a trio of innovations for drive belts and belt drive components, […]

Flender introduces Fastex clamping elements for the shaft-hub connection

Flender is expanding the portfolio in the field of industrial couplings by introducing clamping elements for the connection of shaft and hub. Under the name Fastex, the new series ensures a frictional connection and thus an efficient transmission of torque and power. Shaft-hub connections are found in almost every industrial application. The Fastex clamping elements […]

I-MAK strengthen its position in South Africa

Present in South Africa via a strategical partnership with the HUDACO group, I-MAK celebrated the 4th anniversary of their local mounting center. On this occasion Mr. Haffar Salim, deputy general manager of the company announced new investments to reinforce the position of the company in the region.  I-MAK products are available in South Africa and […]

Practical solution for asphalt paving and bulk materials: Kögel presents the fully revised tipper

Even more robust, flexible and individual:  Kögel will present the Kögel tipper in a fully revised design that takes into account central customer preferences.  The improved designs of the Kögel tipper are suitable for an even wider range of applications, thanks to additional features. The extensive optimisations to the body and chassis aim to deliver […]

iFactory3D Launches its Disruptive 3D Belt Printer Technology that will Automate Additive Manufacturing World-Wide

iFactory3D releases a new disruptive additive manufacturing technology – 3D belt printing – that breaks length limitations of 3D printing. The innovation expands existing production methods by reducing waste, increasing flexibility for businesses. iFactory3D, a German 3D printing company founded by Artur Steffen and Martin Huber in 2020, announces the launch of its innovative belt […]

Flexible and efficient: automated line changeovers for the InnoPET TriBlock from KHS

Up to 70% time saved compared to manual changeovers / Molds changed by robots on the stretch blow molding module / Automated adaptation to the label gluing height and bottle diameter The example of KHS’ InnoPET TriBlock stretch blow molder/labeler/filler block illustrates how automated format changeovers can be successfully implemented. And it shows that beverage […]

Reduce to the max

Germany’s most prestigious maker of clocks and clockworks has high demands for the coating solution used for its delicate and highly varied small clock components. The system has to run like clockwork. It has to offer extreme accuracy while also remaining flexible and easy to use. In the search for a suitable system concept, the […]

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