I-GUIDE, I-MAK product configurator!

Mesut Kul

Configured for computer, tablets and mobiles devices it offer a quick and easy access to a large range of solutions and information. 

Designed to help and assist customers and development engineers to select the right gearboxes and motor, I-GUIDE program allows a quick access to more than 1.000.000 products references. Available in 7 different languages ( Turkish, English, French, Italian, Dutch, Polish and Russian) the I-MAK product configurator assist you in the selection of the best power transmission for your needs.  Starting from the definition of the key data of your gearbox, the program guides and assist you until the selection of special option and feature. The program then generates tailor made, dimensions pages, 3D drawings and several other technical content.

The program allow you to configure and select among a large range of options, special ratio and output speed, customized motors and input options, adapted mounting position, adapted cooling options, painting grades and customized colours(RAL), special flange and shaft configuration, brake options, special material for the output shaft, ATEX configuration,

I-GUIDE product configurator give you access to one of the largest range of products available on the market. Ranging from 0,12 kW to 650 kW, I-MAK solutions covers more than 1.000.000 products references. Divided in 14 series, I-MAK products can be configured with helical, bevel or worm gear units, to match the exact configuration and demand of your application. 

This new update from I-MAK comes with the official introduction of the new MA Series Monobloc, with 8 new housing ranging up to 35.000 nm and hundreds of new combination, the new series is reinforcing the position of I-MAK in heavy duty sectors. I-MAK also integrated NEMA configuration to a large part of its product catalogue. Customers from North America can now directly order geared motors in NEMA and 60 hertz configuration. 

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