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Dutch shoe retailer Schuurman Schoenen implements  Magazino robots 



The robotics company Magazino has won Schuurman Schoenen as a new customer for the mobile picking robot TORU. The Dutch company, known for offering a wide range of  shoes, will use the robots in its warehouse in Neede, Netherlands. By using the TORU robot, Schuurman Schoenen is implementing flexible automation for the manual picking process of shoeboxes. 

With the implementation of our intelligent, mobile picking robot TORU, Schuurman is one of the innovative  pioneers in the industry. The continuous growth in e-commerce and smaller batch sizes require automation  solutions that can be flexibly adapted and scaled as required. 

The mobile picking robot TORU works autonomously with the help of 3D camera technology, numerous  sensors, and can operate 24/7. It can also be easily implemented in Inbound and Outbound processes. TORU  robots reduce the typical order peaks in e-commerce and improves order lead times to customers by being  able to operate also during night or weekends.  

Arjan Schuurman, CEO Schuurman Schoenen says: “With the Magazino robot solution TORU we found a flexible  solution to secure our growth and services in the next years in a very competitive market.” 

Julia Scholz, Sales Director at Magazino GmbH says: “We are excited to start our common project in integrating our  intelligent, mobile robots into the existing Schuurman processes. With the TORUs, Schuurman Schoenen has a solution  to scale the fleet according to their growth and increase the availability of services to their customers.” 

About the TORU robot 

With its vacuum gripper, TORU grasps individual shoe boxes from shelves, transports them to the handover  station, sorts the boxes in the right way, and at the same time covers the process of replenishment and  returned boxes. Via Wi-Fi, the robot is not only connected to Schuurman’s warehouse management system  (WMS), but also to a local and global cloud from Magazino. With this connection and the use of artificial  intelligence, TORU learns from its experiences every day, improves its own performance and robustness, and at  the same time shares the knowledge with its robot colleagues in the fleet. 

One of the key advantages of TORU is the ability to be integrated into the existing warehouse environment in  Neede with only minimal modifications. TORU can support the employees in less ergonomic tasks, for example  when picking from the bottom or top shelf or from particularly long walking distances in the warehouse. Thanks  to numerous sensors, the TORU robot perceives its environment in real time, detects people or obstacles in its

path and therefore operates in a safe way alongside humans in the same work area. With up to 18 hours of  operating time, TORU can also operate at night or outside core working hours.  

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About Schuurman  

Schuurman Schoenen is known in the Netherlands as a leading shoe retailer with 45 shops and an e-commerce  website. They offer a wide range of shoes for women, men and children. Schuurman started with a small shop  in Borculo, in the 1950s, and it has expanded over the years thanks to the efforts of three generations of the  Schuurman family. In addition to various brands, they also have their own labels. 

About Magazino 

Magazino GmbH develops and builds intelligent, mobile robots that perceive their environment and  make decisions themselves. The autonomous robots work parallel to humans and make processes  in the areas of e-commerce, fashion and production logistics more flexible and efficient. With more  than 120 employees at its Munich location, Magazino has the largest Advanced Robotics team in  Europe.  

Magazino Press Contact 

Henrike Erb  

Tel. +49 171 9718581 | | Download pictures 


Landsberger Straße 234 

80687 München 


The robot TORU picks individual shoe boxes completely autonomously and thus supports the employees at  Schuurman Schoenen in the warehouse. (Picture: Magazino GmbH)

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