New generation of carton and bin conveying system by SSI Schaefer increases energy efficiency and system availability

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Reliable, fast and with reduced energy consumption – this is how the SSI Schaefer carton and bin conveying system transports goods in the warehouse. The proven technology was further developed and at the same time the design was modernized. The new generation convinces with a powerful control system and electronics, and has been designed to meet Industry 4.0 requirements. 

Modern conveying systems are essential for warehouses that require high performance rates. They simplify processes, enable smooth material flows and supply the various storage areas with the right goods efficiently, and in a timely manner. Not only that, they can also sort, transfer, buffer and accumulate load carriers. The carton and bin conveying system by SSI Schaefer is suitable for small load carriers up to 50 kg, such as bins, cartons, trays and polybags, which are not only transported on the conveying system according to type, but also mixed. Thanks to an intelligent and modular system concept, the perfectly matched conveying system components can be individually combined, giving customers a highly flexible and scalable system. Application of the system in deep-freeze areas down to -28°C is also possible.

Energy savings with highest performance at the same time

SSI Schaefer boasts more than 15 years’ experience and know-how in the product area of conveying systems and can tap into a large number of successful projects in which over 1 million meters of conveyor technology have been sold and installed to date. The company is continuously developing its conveying system to optimally support its customers’ intralogistics. In times of climate change, topics such as sustainability and energy savings are becoming increasingly important. “The latest generation of carton and bin conveying technology by SSI Schaefer consumes significantly less energy than previously – and, at the same time, the new generation has an increased throughput,” says Christian Steiner, Product Manager for carton and bin conveying systems at SSI Schaefer. “This is made possible by the use of CAN bus technology, smart control and 48-volt drive technology. Due to smaller cable cross-sections and greater cable lengths, there are fewer waste losses with the same performance and increased energy efficiency thanks to larger and more efficient power supply units.”

The increased performance of the hardware, the new control system and the intelligent combination of components lead to an increase in performance of up to 30%. Thanks to the more compact roller design and the resulting savings in plastic, SSI Schaefer also avoids around 31 tons of CO2 emissions per year. In the future, the Speed on Demand function will also contribute to increased energy efficiency. Thus, the speed of the motorized rollers can be adapted to the current performance.

Higher system availability and orientation towards Maintenance 4.0

The new control unit for controlling the motor rollers in combination with the CAN bus technology provides the basis for interlinked data exchange between the systems and thus for a predictive maintenance strategy, which is planned in the next development steps. „By gathering, analyzing and evaluating system-specific data in SSI CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System), it will be possible to predict individually defined maintenance intervals in real time,” says Christian Steiner. In combination with the control software, the system function can be parameterized, even during operation. Thanks to the visualization with WAMAS® Lighthouse, the collected data in the warehouse can be made transparent in real-time. Thus, malfunctions can be avoided before they occur. Maintenance is only carried out when it is actually required and not according to fixed time intervals. Perfectly functioning components remain in use for as long as possible, which extends their service life and reduces investment costs. A central interface standard connects both the new carton and bin conveying system and all other conveying systems in the warehouse with the material flow system WAMAS® MFS and enables rapid implementation, commissioning and training with little effort.

Long-lasting durability, high safety standards and easy to use

High-quality components ensure long-lasting durability. The new motor roller is characterized by a robust, unbreakable roller design and the lifting carriage of the belt diverter has been given a more robust kinematic design. The new conveying system also impresses in terms of safety and ergonomics with new roller conveyor finger guards and reduced noise emissions thanks to the use of non-pneumatic technology. A standardized plug & play system, as well as slender cabling, enable simple installation and maintenance.

The new generation of the SSI Schaefer carton and bin conveying system convinces with its state-of-the-art design as well as sustainability thanks to energy savings, durability and the highest performance rates. The system uses the potential of digitization and is optimally geared to Industry 4.0 and the requirements of the future.

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