FTK Förderband Ripcord emergency stop switch

Mesut Kul

FTK Förderband Technik Kilian GmbH products are used all around the world to check conveyor belt systems and bucket elevators for bulk goods. The product range was developed to suit the rugged conditions of the extractive industry, such as the ore mining and iron and steel sectors. That is where reliability and quality count!

In the event of an emergency, conveyor belt systems must be able to be switched off at any point along the line. That is why ripcord emergency stop switches are required by standards as additional safety measures.

FTK Förderband Technik Kilian GmbH ripcord emergency stop switches have a locking mechanism. They are operated by pulling or breaking the cord. The system is reset manually.

“Parts for ripcord systems” are needed to safely install ripcords. These parts are designed to suit our ripcord emergency switches and individual applications.

The safety information for the electro-mechanical switches is specified in DIN EN ISO 13849

EX ripcord emergency switche, which are approved for operation in areas where there is the risk of an explosive atmosphere, are supplied.

Misalignment switches

Conveyor belts can run out of their tracks and cause considerable damage. Misalignment switches are therefore used to detect misalignment of the belt and switch it off.

Misalignment switches are actuated by acceleration or swivelling of the roller lever when it reaches a particular switching angle, and reset themselves automatically when the belt is running true again. Two switch points for early warning and stopping/locking of the roller lever after triggering, are possible, depending on the switch version.

Speed monitoring

The belt speed is an important process parameter for the control and monitoring of conveyor belts.The range of speed monitors includes devices for electronic monitoring and speed monitors for direct connection, as well as ruggedized accessories.

The compact and rugged devices for speed monitoring are used as pulse transducers, stopping, rotation-direction and speed monitors. They react when the set speed is exceeded or not met by switching contacts or transmitting electronic pulses.

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