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How to defend your plastic scrap grinder



Angled Incline Parts Conveyor Feeding Into Hopper 

Plastic Scrap Grinders: Demand is growing for recycled plastics and plastic grinding is the fastest, easiest way to process your scrap plastic back into reusable material. Single shaft shredders, heavy duty granulators, beside the press grinders and pulverizers are integral pieces of size reduction equipment for the plastic recycling industry.

There is a little more to researching, selecting and investing in the ideal piece of size reduction equipment. In addition to the scrap grinder of choice, you should consider the equipment that will be used to feed the scrap plastic to the grinder.

In addition to the investment, you should consider insurance. The insurance you purchase shouldn’t be a written policy, but a secondary piece of equipment that will ensure that the scrap plastic being fed to your grinder will not include contaminants and cause damage to your grinding equipment.

In lieu of an insurance policy, metal detector conveyors are ideal for inspecting plastic scrap for metal contaminants as scrap is conveyed to the grinder. Early detection of metal can prevent severe damage to grinder blades.

Metal detection conveyors are capable of detecting all metals – steel, aluminum, copper, brass and stainless steel. Electronic controls have a built-in diagnostics circuit, which monitors all functions of the unit’s metal detector. In the event of a fault, the conveyor will be stopped and an audible and/or visual alarm will display.

Plastic injection molding and blow molding processors don’t always recognize the importance of including metal detection conveyors as a part of their scrap grinding process. Let a metal detector conveyor keep your product under strict surveillance and prevent unnecessary machine downtime and costly maintenance in your plant.

Industrial Plastics

Plastics instead of wood: Hygienic, non-slip, safe and sustainable pallets



In addition to hygiene and safety, durability and economy also play a significant role in producing, filling and packaging of beverages. Craemer Group, a world leader in plastic logistics solutions, has developed a new generation of sturdy, hygienic, non-slip beverage pallets. 

When it comes to hygiene and safety, processes in the beverage industry are subject to stringent requirements and legal regulations. Plastic pallets make a decisive contribution. Craemer Group, an experienced partner in beverage logistics, is a pioneer in plastics processing: Back in 1967, Craemer developed the world’s first one-piece injection-moulded plastic pallet. Sturdy, hygienic, durable, safe, hard-wearing, versatile, maintenance-free – these are the main characteristics of today’s load carriers that are made of high-quality, food-safe and recyclable polyethylene (PE).

In the brewing and beverage industry or in the beverage wholesale trade, the following applies: When producing, filling, packaging, transporting and storing sensitive raw materials and goods, hygienic and absolutely reliable handling must be ensured. For safe (production-)technical and (intra-)logistical processes, Craemer provides load carriers made of robust plastic that are characterised by high functionality, load-bearing capacity, process reliability, cost-effectiveness and sustainability. The innovative industry solutions are pool-compatible and can be used universally along the entire logistics chain. They guarantee safe beverage handling in automated systems, when using forklift trucks, in high racks or when storing, for example, containers with concentrates in a refrigerated environment.

Versatile in use – around the world

Whether light or heavy beverage packages, Craemer develops customised solutions for storing and transporting barrels and containers, cardboard boxes and plastic crates containing bottles or six-packs of cans. The CR plastic pallet, for example, is one of Craemer’s successful load carriers used in the beverage industry around the world. Perfect for heavy loads and all types of containers: the Euro L1® in the size of the Euro wooden pallet (load-bearing capacity in high racks 1250 kg) and L3®, the multi-use pallet (2000 kg) with evenly closed runners, optionally available with Palgrip® anti-slip plates (L3) for even better material flow. Easy to clean with completely closed top deck and smooth lower deck: the TC Palgrip®.

Thanks to the Palgrip anti-slip coating on the top deck, which is a standard feature, all these heavy-duty pallet models hold the load safely even in damp conditions or inclined positions. Controllable via the conventional stacker cranes, palletisers and depalletisers, they run maintenance- and smoothly on all standard hoists and conveyors, and are suitable for roller conveyors, chain conveyors and automated high-rack warehouses.

Another novelty in the Craemer portfolio is the large-volume CB3 High pallet box. With a height of 1140 millimetres, it provides extra protection during transport and storage in the beverage industry.

Heavy-duty pallets EURO L1, L3 and TC Palgrip 

Whether milk, mineral water, lemonade, juice or alcohol – each type of beverage places its own demands on the packaging and on handling the various processes. Craemer pallets permit a wide range of applications. With its external dimensions (l x w x h: 1200 x 800 x 150 mm), the Euro L1 corresponds exactly to the wooden Euro pallet. Unlike wood, the one-piece PE injection-moulded pallet is extremely robust and durable – without any signs of wear or chipping. The pallet is provided with five reinforcement profiles, permitting a load-bearing capacity of 7,500 kilograms in static condition and 1,250 kilograms during transport or in high racks.

Craemer’s new L3 plastic pallet, a further development of the C3-5 pallet, is also particularly hard-wearing and durable. It is the ideal all-purpose pallet for the brewing and beverage industry. Whether for transporting and storing packages with PET or glass bottles, aluminium or steel cans, composite beverage cartons or HDPE bottles in beverage crates, foil or cardboard containers, it is suitable for all purposes. The L3 boasts a high load-bearing capacity (7500 kg static load, 2000 kg dynamic load, up to 2000 kg in high racks) and slip resistance. Other features: In industrial size with a length of 1200 millimetres and a width of 1000 millimetres (height: 160 millimetres), it is equipped with three welded runners, 5-millimetre outer rims and five corrosion-protected reinforcement profiles.

The completely closed plastic pallets of the TC series from Craemer with full-surface Palgrip® anti-slip deck also perfectly meet the requirements of the beverage industry. The coated top deck and smooth lower deck of the TC Palgrip are characterised by excellent cleaning properties, while the cavity- and rib-free design of the sturdy and durable hygiene pallet reliably protects against contamination or water ingress. The load-bearing capacity in the rack can optionally be increased to up to 2000 kilograms – with the help of integrated, corrosion-protected metal reinforcement profiles. Chamfered edges on both sides of the non-welded runners allow for optimal transport with ground conveyors. The dimensionally stable TC Palgrip is available in Euro size of 1200 x 800 millimetres with three runners (TC1) and in industrial size of 1200 x 1000 millimetres with three (TC3) or five runners (TC3-5). The height of the TC pallets is 160 millimetres.

All reusable pallets from Craemer have the same properties: Thanks to their high quality, they retain their shape even with intensive use and increasing number of trips – thus making them durable, sustainable and economical. In addition, the robust load carriers can withstand temperatures of minus 30 to plus 40 degrees Celsius, with short-term heat resistance of up to 90 degrees. For seamless tracking and tracing, Craemer pallets are optionally available with RFID transponders. Dedicated fields for prints provide space for individually stamped logos, lettering or numbering.

Sturdy new pallet box in industrial size

The large-volume CB3 High is a versatile, pallet box for the beverage industry. With a height of 1140 millimetres, a capacity of approx. 1000 litres and a weight of 46 or 49 kilograms, it is suitable for particularly large quantities – with extra safety. The sturdy ribbed lower deck provides additional strength to the container floor, integrated stacking cams secure the hold. The hard-wearing, sturdily constructed CB3 High is available in industrial size with closed walls and three longitudinal runners or nine feet. Additional ribs above the entry openings provide increased impact protection against forklift tines, while the seamless construction and smooth interior walls ensure easy emptying, cleaning and drying. The pallet box is optionally available with one open 1-inch and one open 2-inch drain port. If necessary, markings facilitate the later drilling of the standard closed holes with integrated thread. Custom-fit lids are available as additional accessories.


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