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Modular Conveyor Belt

Puratek telescopic conveyor belt creates difference



PURATEK telescopic conveyor belt is suitable for the uniform and complete filling of storage places, containers, and other receptacles in an excellent way.

The extremely sturdy conveyor belt of compact wall design with motoroperated telescopic device enables variable discharging points. Thus, an optimal feeding of receptacles is achieved. This means that an extremely efficient and elegant principle is concerned.

The trough shape of this system being unique in its design basically enables the transport of any possible bulk material. The PURATEK unit has proved itself extraordinary well for conveying raked material and slurries in sewage treatment plants and chemical industrial bulk materials.

Beside the real telescopic conveyor belt, PURATEK offers a great variety of accessories which are ideally adjusted to the combination with the belt. Therefore, swivelling and shifting devices, rotary columns, movable stands, hydraulic lifting devices, and many others are available. Echo sounding systems and incremental sensors allow fully automatic filling processes.  Thermostat-controlled systems to heat the casing surface of the conveyor, ensure an operation in the open air even at extremely low temperatures.

Standard materials for main components in varnished, hot-galvanized steel or in pickled and surface-cleaned high-quality steel (material no. AISI 304 and 316, other materials on request)