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Belt and Bucket Elevator: Vertical conveying at high throughput capacities with Bühler



Belt and bucket elevator RGEL is capable of moving bulk materials vertically at high throughput rates. Up to 1400 metric tons of material per hour can be elevated as high as 80 meters. The materials that can be conveyed include, among others, grain, animal feed, pellets, as well as oilseeds. This high-capacity elevator leg is best suited for use in terminals, grain storage facilities and processing plants.

High operating reliability

The integrated zero-speed and off-track detector ensure optimal monitoring of performance and thus trouble-free operation.

Rugged design

Proven machine elements and wear-resistant engineering materials ensure a long service life and high operating reliability.

Easy maintenance

The RGEL belt and bucket elevator is provided with two cleanout ports and a split hood at its head. These features result in easier access, thus facilitating cleaning and maintenance

High sanitation

With a round intake boot, the RGEL belt and bucket elevator satisfies even high sanitation requirements

The elevator belts are pre-stressed. So you can carry out tensioning in just one step and reduce installation time by up to 80%. The belt and bucket elevator RGEL has an integrated speed and belt skew monitor to track performance. It also comes with a temperature monitor for the bearings which will stop the conveyor if a bearing overheats. The elevator is designed in modules. This allows you to choose between a wide range of options to perfectly match your terminal, silo, or processing plant. Special attention was paid to design a particularly compact housing to facilitate shipping.

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