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Stainless steel, safe, FDA approved!



Stainless steel belt, flat, smooth and no gaps  is an excellent choice if you want to give bacteria no chance to form. The taste of the food is not affected by the belt since it is inert and impermeable.

Transferring temperature works just perfectly on a flat stainless steel belt and makes your production process so much easier. Stainless steel belts resist many corrosive substances and operate perfectly in high humidity, cooling, freezing, drying, warming environments. And what’s most important for the food industry:

It is easy to clean and safe for producing human food.

So that’s why a Contibelt stainless steel belt is just perfect for your food production.

But what about the V-rope that is tracking the belt? Now that is a good question!

For this special process Contibelt introduces:

“Converope FDA Grey”

Since there is slow abrasion on v-ropes over time, we made sure to use a rubber compound that is one hundred percent FDA (Code of Federal Regulations) approved and is not hazardous to human health. Our “Converope FDA grey” is accordingly to CFR 21 §177.2600 FDA (rubber articles intended for repeated use).

This V-rope is perfect for the food industry – it is not only FDA approved but its color is compatible with many food products. Best of all it is vulcanized to the steel belt just as our standard v-rope. No glue is used! Our v-rope has the strongest attachment, mechanical stress resistance, temperature resistance (up to 135° C)!



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